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Neon Signs

Lighting up advertising for the last century, neon signs make your message very loud, and very clear. Whether you're looking for something a little more old school, or more on the modern side, neon makes a big impact.

Neon signs are fabricated by hand into your custom design. These gas filled tubes create bright illumination that can last generations.


LED Signs

LED signs are light weight, incredibly durable alternative to traditional neon signage. A lack of filaments allows for minimal breakage and replacements, all without losing any of the bang you want from an illuminated sign.

LED signs are only limited by your imagination: from animated lightboxes to faux neons (or LEDeons as we prefer to call them) and backbar displays- the possibilities are endless.



Since you've already made a big statement with an illuminated sign, why not complement it with a full range of barware? Items like bar mats, tap handles, clocks and table tents are just a few of the promotional items that can be customized and shouldn't be overlooked.

Looking for beer flight boards, or maybe branded beer buckets? You got it. Whatever your brand needs to standout in a crowded bar, we've got you covered.


If interactive displays are more your speed, our injection molded shelf displays could be just the right answer. Be they product tester displays or 3D presentations that give customers the real look and feel of a product, you're sure to stand out in a crowd.

All of our injection molded displays are engineered in house to ensure that the end user experience is exactly what you want to see on store shelves.

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New Ideas

Illuminated signs aren't for every brand, or every campaign- what's more exciting than that? Let's come up with something together!

We offer a full array of other display options including:

-tin tacker signs

-branded chalkboards & whiteboards

-skateboard & snowboard holders/displays

What other ideas do you have? 

Tube Lights

At  Protovision, we know how impactful good design and engineering is to each and every product.

Let us turn that napkin drawing into something that lights up the night.

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